HM Bulgaria just started on 7th Nov. Many leaders are being equiped in order to be transformed, encouraged and challenged […]

9 participants from France and Belgium graduated this past 1st November. They were sent to Make History in their nation. […]

After several online trainings, we are happy that a date for in-person training has been fixed.

We thank God for all the participants who recently graduated from the in-person training in Armenia.

We are eager to see what God has in store for the end of this month in North Balkans.

What is going on? We are excited to say, that in 2018 History Makers is coming back! If you are […]

Less than two more months before we launch this year’s History Makers confernce in the Czech Republic. If you are […]

Dla osób zaangażowanych w służbę dla Boga, którzy potrzebują odświeżenia i nowej perspektywy. W wieku 18-30 lat.